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August 21, 2000

Impaled Wizard
Rodrigo E.

I don't want to sound repetitive, but I still have my doubts about the "wizard in a wheel" pic. I agree with those who says that it is a very odd way to film a scene like that in the open, I mean, for a blue background that implies directly the use of digital tools, would be more easier and proccess-controlling to film it in a studio stage. BUT...I can no be in agree with those who says that is a fake, because two things:

1.- Ian McKelley has recognized it as a Saruman scene
2.- With limited funds to do the three movies, why waste time, money and human resources in just a joke to the fans?

I also agree wiht the opinions about the changes on the real-book history; if one part has to be cutted away from the film, have to be a less important one. An what parts are less important? Bombadil, a few walking scenes, and the death of Saruman in the Shrine. I think that PJ is doing the right thins with the filming, triying to do a succesfull movie, an I fully support whatever he does. He is the director, and have the right and the responsibility to make difficult decitions. So, in conclusion, there is no conclusion. I strongly suggest that all of we people stop speculating about the film making, and wait politely to the movies to be ready. Then, and only then, we can judge the work of PJ and his crew.