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August 24, 2000

Fingolfin the Greatest? Perhaps
John R.

In response to Matthew M., an argument certainly can be made that Fingolfin was noble, valiant and inspirational to the defense against both Morgoth and the sons of Feanor. Certainly the imagery of Fingolfin in blue and silver challenging Morgoth to single combat, and inflicting serious wounds, is quite vivid and dramatic.

But, the reason Fingolfin fought Morgoth is that Fingolfin ultimately dispaired. He went on a suicide mission which had no hope of succeeding.

Finrod might get my vote. By human standards, he was the most noble. (Elvish standard of nobility seems to be confined to whether the elf in question was tall and good-looking.)

Galadriel would be my other choice, but, as C.Tolkien discussed in Unfinished Tales, his dad never quite settled on her history and deeds.