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August 31, 2000

Frodo the Hero? I Don't Think So
Jeff C.

I noticed the current poll running seems to to reflect most people think Frodo was the real hero of the LOTR. I find this rather funny. Let's face it, Bombadil is the true hero!

(In case you dont know, that was a joke : ).

On a serious note, I must say Gandalf is recognized by all the characters as being the greatest hero in the trilogy. Even Aragorn several times in the books tells everyone that it was Gandalf who toiled hardest for their cause.

Frodo would have been sliced to mincemeat by the Nazgul if it wasn't for Gandalf. Gandalf put his entire soul on the line. If Sauron got the ring, he would have been laid open to Sauron.

Yeah Frodo went to Mordor, but Gandalf went to far worse places in his travel, for example, to the bottom of the earth, wrestling with a Balrog, and to the dungeons in Mirkwood.

The other ring bearers (Galadriel, and Elrond) really didn't do anything for the cause except help those that stumbled accross their borders.

Aragorn had his own agenda that didn't concern all of middle earth. I think they all were heroic in their own way, but Gandalf by far, was the total overall hero.

Again, just my two cents :)