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September 5, 2000

Samwise the Great
Rodrigo E.

When the entire middle earth had lost almost any hope, when Frodo was caught by Orcs, when nobody expects anything from him, only Samwise stand, made the right choice, took the ring and then save frodo. When Frodo had lost all of his strenght, who carried him? Samwise.

Ok, Gandalf, Aragorn, The Ents, all of them and so many other played important roles in the defeating of the darkness,  but all of then were Powerful and wise, and the things that they accomplished were only the expected from they. Sam took the thoughest duty only for his love to Frodo, and, if not by Sam, Frodo would never acomplished his duty.

And Sam was in charge of reconstructing and rule the Shire.

That is why the true hero of LOTR is