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September 5, 2000

I Have Forgiven Peter Jackson
Alan L.

After thinking about it for along time, I have come to a final conclusion. That I have forgiven Peter Jackson. Now you are probably wondering what Peter Jackson did to me, that he receives my forgiveness after quite a long grudge. Its not that he did anything to me personally, well, it goes like this...

As soon as I learned a movie version of "The Lord of the Rings" was coming out, my first reaction went like this, "cool, it better stay true to the story or it'll be no good." I immediately researched it on the internet, and found that my fears were confirmed, that Peter Jackson would take creative liberties to the story.

When I heard that Arwen would be portrayed as a warrior, and Tom Bombadil will be cut, I was shocked. If you need proof, just read down the forum and read the the outraged articles I wrote about TB and Arwen. I was positive that Peter Jackson would mangle the story and that society at large wouldn't see Tolkien's magical world as it is.

I'm not sure exactly what changed my outlook, but I am sure it has changed. I will no longer sniff self righteously at any minor or major changes. nor will I grumble anytime someone sounds optimistic about the video. Now all I can do is hopefully await the release date.