The LOTR Movie Site
September 8, 2000

Sam is the True Hero!

I have visited this site for quite some time now, and one of my favorite things to do is to read the debates, and also take part in the polls. Recently, I was intrigued by the poll question "Who is the true hero of The Lord of the Rings?" I was not surprised to see that many people are voting for Frodo. I, however, have a different opinion. I think that Sam Gamgee is the true hero for his perseverence, faithfulness, and strength.

Now, I will not deny that all the characters listed in the poll are extremely influential in the book; it is true that if any one of them changed, the ring may have been lost to Sauron. I still feel that Sam was the greatest hero, though.

Frodo was weak; he would not have made it to Mordor without his faithful friend at his side. Gandalf and Aragorn were great heros too, but they simply guided the others. They did not actively carry the ring to Mordor and destroy it.

Sam never betrayed his master, or even thought of leaving him. He watched out for Frodo, and was wary of Gollum. He defeated Shelob, and rescued Frodo from the orcs. He even took the risk of carrying the ring for himself - not because he was greedy for it, and not even because he felt Frodo would want him to take it, but because he knew what needed to be done. He was strong when Frodo was weak, carrying him on his back those last steps to Mount Doom. He may not have been the brightest fellow, but he did know a thing or two about friendship and perseverence.

If there is a better hero than that, I don't know who it would be.