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September 12, 2000

More About Arwen

I know you're all fed up with hearing about the change to Arwen's character, but here is my two cents anyway...

What worries me most about the change to Arwen's character is not that it has been changed, but what is has been changed TO.

Let me explain...

I can understand that the first two books may be lacking in important female roles, so perhaps some of the female characters should be developed more than in the books, but why make her a WARRIOR?

Surely the depth of the character and her importance in the overall plan could be improved without fundamentally changing Tolkien's vision?

If the only way the film can incorporate a decent female lead is by making her hold a sword, it tells us something about the emphasis of the films. What worries me is that this could mean the films will become ACTION FILMS. This would be a great shame, and the depths of the books would be lost (the vision, the humor, etc).

Of course, these are only concerns. In the end, I'm just glad someone is making the films at all, and I would urge everyone, despite all the concerns, to look upon the films with open minds.