The LOTR Movie Site
September 20, 2000

Response to Stacy B. and Max B.
Austin G.

First as regards to Stacy B.'s article, I think that its criticism of the current poll is rather ridiculous. You have to cut the poll writers some slack. It's not easy. Furthermore, the critique itself was just pointless. Who cares if none of those leaders can fit the exact frame of Sauron? Who really cares? It was a good poll and I enjoyed it. In fact, I can see many ways that some of those named in the poll were similar to Sauron. For instance, Al Gore's blinkless stare could be compared humorously to that of the Lidless eye. Also Bill Clinton's guise of innocence could be compared to Sauron's younger days when he could take the hue of what he wished. All of the polls are in good fun and not meant to be taken seriously. So buck up.

Nextly as regards to Max B.'s article, I am not a purist and I understand how a story must be changed in an adaptation from page to screen, but I don't understand why the outcome should be changed because of the age of the tale. I don't think that if Tolkien wrote the story today that it would include a blade bearing Arwen. Nor do I think that the character of Galadriel would be changed. These two characters already have a great role in the war of the ring. COME ON! Galadriel, the bearer of Nenya and the queen of Lothlorien, has enough impact in the story as it is. Her power surpasses that of any other Elf. She was the savior of the fellowship after the fall of Gandalf. And someone is also forgetting Eowyn. Eowyn the shield-maiden killed the Witch King of Mordor. COME ON!! How can you not see her significance? I don't why you think they are "present but relatively passive". Do you want them to be some macho Xena character? Running around beheading Orcs and staining their beaut!
iful dresses? Hahahahaha. well I don't want them to be that.(Also I think Armageddon would have been alot better if an aardvark had been in charge of the mission.)