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October 5, 2000

Cutting Tom Bombadil Was a Mistake
Alfred B.

Tom Bombadil, although not an intrinsic part of the story, should never have been cut. If you consider he was the one character the ring held no sway over, that in itself should be reason enough to have left his part in the story intact. Gandalf even refers to Tom's power, being the master of all, and caring not what happens outside his realm. One way or another, Tom Bombadil would have continued on, no matter what side had won. He was an enigma, a powerful force never fully discussed or unvieled -- a mystery.

The very idea that he was beyond the Ring's power intrigued me. It made me wonder what Tom was -- just another wonderful mystery Tolkien had added to the mix -- making Middle Earth more mysterious and vast. Unlike the elves, dwarves, orcs, humans, etc, Tom was something else -- too bad -- it was a mistake. My name is Alfred, and this is my opinion (for what it's worth.)