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October 5, 2000

Bombadil and Legolas

As happy as I was, when I first found out about the Lord of the Ring, movies, I am heartbroken at finding out Bombadil will be cut. But then I realized, how could they put him into the movie and make him as good as Tolkien did, they couldn't. Even though I am entirely angry, and curse, we must realize, there are always somethings that must be left up to the reader's and viewers imagination. Or perhaps the really angry ones out there would like to have Tom as the shadowy orcs, like in the animated version? Hmmmmmmmmm? It could always be worse.

On another note, I caught onto something when I was checking out this website for the hundredth time.

On the images page, under the sub-category of offical pics, there is one particular shot pictured with an elf holding his hands up, a picture taken from the trailer. Its caption simpy reads "Legolas". But I happen to think it 'tis not.

1. Legolas would be using a bow.
2. If you watch the trailer, the elf twirls his hands down as if conjuring up a spell or something. Which Legolas would never do.
3. The actor looks more like Martin Csokas, who is playing Celeborn.

 If any other evidence proving that it is indeed, Legolas, please e-mail me immediately!