The LOTR Movie Site
October 5, 2000

On the Subject of Arwen

Following the progression of essays at this site, it only makes since to talk about the ever present issue of Arwen.

Indeed, she plays a part in the Lord of the Rings, and not just being a bride at the end. She is very much the shaper and creator of Aragorn's character, an important part no doubt. But still, I feel that she should not be an ever present part in the movies, fighting side by side with Aragorn, then kissing and hugging the next minute. I had imagined Aragorn having a dream or a flashback to a time with Arwen, instead she appears to be a leading role.

Please do not get me wrong, I'm not a sexist pig male, and love the women in LOTR, not in that way. Éowyn is one of the strongest, as it has been already stated many times, slaying the Witch King. Isn't that enough? Or are they going to add Arwen in changing it to the Ten Walkers for Nine Riders? I  hope not.