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October 7, 2000

Gandalf is the True Hero
Jeff C.

I originally posted that Gandalf is by far the true hero of this story. I do not see how anyone can ignore that.

First of all, he was sent by the Valar, along with 4 other wizards to attempt to overthrow Sauron, without the domination of man. Out of these 5 wizards, Gandalf is the only one that really even tried. Radagast went to play with the birds and beasts, Saruman tried to become a power and dominate, the others besides Gandalf just basically disappeared and did nothing.

Gandalf endured the years, trying ever and ever to defeat Sauron. After out foxing Saruman he actually convinced the council to drive Sauron out of Mirkwood, which really saved the ring! If Sauron would have been able to exist in Mirkwood, he probably would have found Bilbo, before Frodo even entered the picture.

Gandalf went to each party involved in the war, and convinced them to join the war and fight, which most were loath to do.

Gandalf went to the very gates of Sauron knowing his own doom, right into a trap, whereas Frodo and Sam snuck in.

Gandalf sacrificed himself in Moria while Frodo and the hobbits pretty much turned tail and ran.

Gandalf RESISTED the ring, even freely given to him. That is something I doubt Frodo could have done although he did fancy giving it away, but yet, never actually did.

Gandalf could have just sent the ring into the sea, saying forget about it, and I imagine, though it would have drove him crazy, Frodo probably would have been happy with that. But Gandalf talked everyone into taking care of it.

I think that the fact that Aragorn acknowledged him many times as the mover of all their deeds, kinda hints to the fact that Tolkien himself considered Gandalf the central character of this whole story.

My two cents...