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October 9, 2000

Another Short Response to Max B.
Austin G.

I see your point as so I understand the difference in being an active female and being "macho". Nevertheless, I still consider Arwen's bladeslinging to be "macho" and a desperate attempt to fit the standard of modern society's "stronger" woman.

I could understand expanding her role some but in a different area. She does not need to saddle up with the warriors to be their equal. She is better than that. Her character was made to be better than that.

As for the "Buffy" analogy, I feel that is a rather crude comparison. That is the same as comparing LOTR to Armageddon. Just trash! Trash! I say.

I am beginning to doubt that you have any love for the story that Tolkien wrote. You seem to be worrying to much about society's opinions. A work of art such as that of literature should take only the feelings of its creator into consideration. This MODERN society did in no way effect Tolkien's feelings and should not be taken into consideration when making an adaptation of his work of art.