The LOTR Movie Site
October 12, 2000

I've Followed This Forum With Increasing Disinterest

I really donīt want to be negative, but I think I need to say that this "Arwen Issue" is getting on my nerves more and more each day. So sheīs the one who saves Frodo from the Black Riders. So what? One Character less to confuse the innocent Movie-Watcher Thereīs too many of them for a movie anyway. Itīs okay for the book, which I love, but whoīs to discern all the intricate characters on screen? Who will even understand that Glorfindel is a mighty elven-prince of the elder days (I hope Iīm getting this right, donīt crucify me if not), and if heīs such a "hot dude", why is his role approximately 5 Minutes on screen? Weīre talking average movie-fans here, not experienced Tolkien-Fans. And about the further "expanding Arwenīs role". We donīt know what PJ intends or does. Thatīs a fact. So why running around cursing his name and calling him a heretic? If itīs as bad as you made it, watch the movies, be shocked, walk out and say "Iīve known it!" or something. Whining two complete years about what may happen does nothing but decrease the fun of expectation.

And next about Bombadil: Imagine the movie "Willow" would have spent about ten to fiveteen minutes introducing a character totally irrelevant for the plot. I know heīs an integral part of Middle-Earth, but he had nothing to do with any major turning point of the stories. No relevant acts, no important revelation, no impressive wizardry. I would have cut him too. Get over it, itīs not to be changed, and PJ will propably not burn in hell for it.

But, as I said, I donīt want to be negative. Therefore Iīve prepared a new issue of discussion: how do you think PJ is going to present Sauron? What would you think looks good on screen? And, by the way: do you think this dark CGI-Tower to be seen in the trailer is Barad-Dúr?

P.S.: to Ben - who is not me - I think the Elf seen in the trailer is Legolas. A sforthe actor, Iīm not so sure. But in Helmīs Deep, Legolas has soon lost all his arrows and had to go on fighting with his knive. And Celeborn - we all heard the rumor that the Rohirrim are supported by elves at helms deep, but I still hope that itīs nothing more than that. Therefore, letīs hope itīs Legolas;-)