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October 18, 2000

Arwen Again, Again
David K.

Stephanie C. and others...

Has no one read the Ian McKellan Q&A that was posted recently where he was asked something to the effect of "Can you dispel the rumor that Arwen has been turned into a sword wielding, warrior woman?"

McKellan's two-word answer: "I can."

The point is Arwen is not a member of the Fellowship. She has not been turned into a sword playing, warrior princess. She does have more "screen time" than in the novel, but in what ways this time is increased, we simply do not know. Everyone involved with the movie says this is the best screen adaptation of the novel possible, and that nothing of the inherent nature of the books or characters is changing.

We should all have patience and faith, and not spend so much time worrying and arguing about rumors that Ian McKellan himself has dispelled.