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October 21, 2000

Attention Lady of the Golden Wood
Cicily T.

I would like to address "The Lady Of The Golden Wood" a rebuttal to your response to Mark S. and I Quote You, verbatim: "I hate drawing attention to myself as being a high school freshman, but I would sincerely appreciate it if you would not be so blunt as to criticise the opinions of people whom you know nothing of. Please be more aware of your readers in the future." End of Quote. That is well and fine, but, in a previous letter you wrote, and I Quote Your exact words again: "I wrote that statement as a result of reading several articles that were no more than petty arguments, much as children might have over the strength of their favorite super heroes. Heroic deeds make for an intriguing topic, but only if they are not approached which such illogic as I have seen." End Quote.

It seems that you do not like it when someone presumes that you are "a sophomore" as you stated yourself, and that anything written should be treated with utmost consideration of others, given their age ranges, and the fact that no one should judge others, "whom they know nothing of". I agree with You whole-heartedly! But, you are doing just that thing in your earlier debate letter; you are in danger of being a hypocrite. You have suggested that some of us should not be allowed to debate about: "Arwen this" or "Bombadil that", or "Frodo is good", "No, Gandalf is the hero"...etc. because to you it sounds petty "like children arguing about their superheroes". Well. You would do wise to heed your own advice and not presume that everyone posting on this debate forum is in their college years, or older. My son is a prolific reader and has read all the Tolkien books; he has also posted on this debate forum. He is only 12. I know of "Hobbit" fans even younger. Also, there is nothing wrong with "superheroes", I am thirty-six years old and a comic book artist by trade, and I never can get enough of the stuff! The point that I am making is that anyone, regardless of age, sex, race and level of education, can have an opinion, and is freely allowed to post on this debate forum. If they want to argue about who the hero really is, that is fine with me. Both my son and I have read all the postings, and we look forward to new letters on the debate forum. So Please People....keep those debates a' doesn't matter if you want to argue who is more intelligent an Orc or a Goblin, or who is more brave... Sam Gamgee or Gollum, or wiser...etc. If you want to debate the Xena /Arwen complex...that is fine too. Let us all have a say!