The LOTR Movie Site
October 23, 2000

Sean Bean (Who?) Fan Site
Colin G.

The Lord of the Rings movie site is amazing! The Tolkien movie news, clips, pictures and articles are timely and informative. It is the only site that can keep Tolkien fans around the world sated until next December.

BUT wtf (excuse the French) is up with all the Sean Bean coverage? Sean Bean fails to have a tree near his house saved? Sean Bean's BIOGRAPHY? Is that a JOKE? What's next, Sean Bean gets a dog? I suppose if I read his biography I'd know he HAS one already...

I have nothing against Sean Bean, as a matter of fact I hardly know who he is. As an INTERNATIONAL reader, however, I do not share with the web authors their excitement over Sean Bean. Perhaps someone should start a Sean Bean fan site? This site is a well-known INTERNATIONAL authority for Tolkien Movie Trilogy news, and this "fetish" with Sean Bean detracts from that distinguished reputation!

Local hero or not, Sean Bean is only ONE of many very talented persons involved with the trilogy, and certainly not the most well known, and his coverage should be a little more, shall we say, proportionally balanced?