The LOTR Movie Site
October 26, 2000

Response to Sean Bean (Who?) Fan Site
Winona K.

Regarding the essay posted regarding the amount of space being given to Sean Bean on this website, I feel I ought to respond.

When Sean was confirmed as one of the main stars of LOTR, I was invited by a number of the LOTR webbos to join their community and contribute information about Sean where and whenever I saw fit.

I'm sorry, but I can't help it if none of the other stars have got fan site owners who take the time to make contributions to this website! Certainly there has been a lot of press given over to many of the other main stars of this production, simply because they are far better known in Hollywood than Sean is.

If Sean is saving a tree or playing in a charity football match or someone's published his biography, and that information is being carried by the British media, then surely it's no less newsworthy than a story vrom New Zealand about Liv Tyler liking chocolate chip cookies or the entire cast and crew retiring to a local fish and chips shop to have dinner while filming in the rain.

In answer to another comment, Sean does have his own fan website - he has a number of them, in fact - but mine, The Compleat Sean Bean, is the largest and contains the most details about Sean and his acting career. I can understand the author of the essay not wishing to know some details about Sean that have nothing to do with Lord of the Rings at the moment, but they are nonetheless details about an actor who is a household name in the UK and which give some kind of background to someone who until now has only been known in North America largely for his roles in Patriot Games, Ronin and GoldenEye.

If you'd like to visit The Compleat Sean Bean the URL is:

Finally, I would like to add that surely it's up to the owner of this website to decide what appears and what doesn't appear.

Some sage advice has been passed down over the ages concerning content that people find annoying or objectionable. And that is, simply -- if you don't want to read it -- don't. :)