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November 3, 2000

Weak Evidence in Arwen (?) Poster
Brian M.

After viewing the poster given on 11-2, I must raise a few objections to the idea that the phantom member is Arwen instead of Boromir.

First, as to the item on the person's back. This can also work against the idea that it is Arwen. Namely, if it's not a shield, and, therefore supposedly not Boromir, what is "the evenstar of her people" doing serving as the company's pack mule? Whatever it is, it is clearly a larger load than any other member carries. I doubt Jackson (unless he was either running an extremely high fever, was drunk as a skunk, or a combination there of) would ever consider loading up an elven princess in such a manner.

The body does look a little thinner than the others, but it is far from the elfin build one would expect from Arwen.

Next, as to the idea that the character is wearing a skirt, it is appropriate to point out that it is likely a cloak in sillouette. If you go by appearances, everyone but Aragorn and Legolas could be described that way.

That brings us to the issue of a weapon. Again, as all of the members are wearing cloaks, their weapons are mostly covered, with the exceptions of Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. From this picture, it simply must be inferred that Gandalf bears Glamdring, Frodo Sting, and the other hobbits their barrow blades. The unknown character's sword is likely there, but out of sight.

Finally, if there were ten figures shown, the argument that Arwen was in the picture would be strengthened greatly. The plot difficulties imposed by trading the two instead of simply having Arwen tag along are legion. How would they rid themselves of Boromir? Why does Frodo take off on his own? Who fights to save Merry and Pippin? That would move from tweaking to major, arbitrary devations that couldn't be easily justified. Again, at this point, I think Jackson to be a wiser man than that.
All in all, I would say the evidence points to it being a mediocre rendition of Boromir or Aragorn.

Like alot of other "purists", I have some reservations about Jackson's work. But from the evidence given in this poster, I see no reason to doubt Ian McKellan's word that Arwen will not be a member of the fellowship.