The LOTR Movie Site
November 5, 2000

Poster Interpretation
Stacy B.

Regarding the poster analysis submitted earlier in the news section. Wasn't this one of the earlier posters? If so, assuming that the one figure is Arwen, it's conceivable that that entire sequence lies on the floor of the editing booth.

Assuming it's more recent than I think, though, there's still a lot of room for interpretation. I mean, they're just silohuettes. Nevertheless, the figure proposed to be Arwen, if you'll notice, stands at least as high as that proposed to be Aragorn... and the "Arwen" figure is standing lower on a slope. That'd make Arwen pretty tall for even an elvish woman: taller than her intended husband. Regarding the "shield" evidence: shields tend to lie flat, not to stick out, so even if Boromir does lug his shield across Eriador, one wouldn't necessarily be able to make it out in a prrofile shot like this. We know Aragorn doesn't bring anything but Anduril in terms of war gear, but as the tallest members of the company, it makes sense that he and Boromir might trade off carrying a significant portion of the luggage. Luggage does stick out and is very bulcky, so the middle and end figures could be either Aragorn or Boromir (though I'd point out the height differential again). Finally, with respect to the skirt comment, notice how enshrouding the hobbits' cloaks are? Aragorn too wears a pretty heavy green cloak at this stage, and that could, given the amount of stuff the one person is carrying, tend to mimic a skirt in silohuette rather than billow out nicely. The same holds with respect to Boromir.

Anyhow, just my two cents. I don't think we'd be getting categoric denials of Arwen's presence if she really was in the Fellowhisp, if only because Jackson and co. would want to preserve their reputation among fans who might go see other movies he makes. Getting branded an out and out liar could be a Bad Thing for both him and Ian McKellan.