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November 10, 2000

Weathertop Picture
Dennis P.

Regarding David's (not my brother either) analysis of the scene from Weathertop, who cares if the actual attack takes place.

"On the western flank of Weathertop [in] a sheltered hollow, at the bottom of which there was a bowl-shaped dell with grassy sides," some "half an hour's plodding climb" beneath the ruins." What really matters is the drama and sense of danger created in the scene. As far as the visual depiction of Weathertop, the scene in the background looks to be "a wide ring of ancient stone-work, now crumbling or covered with agelong grass." to me.

Maybe David didn't notice the dry, brown heather around the feet of the left-most Nazgul or the cracked and pitted columns. I say we should lighten up on the criticizing and nitpicking and allow Peter Jackson a little room to be creative   If the movie were simply a verbatum re-enactment of the books, there would be no suspense left and I, for one, would not be nearly as interested it the process.