The LOTR Movie Site
November 16, 2000

Response to Max B.
Cicily T.

My Dear Max B....You completely "missed the boat" on the Legolas issue. The whole point of my Legolas argument is that, "Legolas' father (elven-king of Mirkwood), imprisoned Gimli's father (Gloin), and therein lies the rub. It is ironic that, these two beings, of two races who have despised each other for centuries, could become solid and true friends, even after the treatment that Legolas' father had shown Gimli's father. Also, as Stephanie pointed out in her latest debate letter, it would seem strange for Gimli to "bond" with an eleven-princess.

What is so sissy about using a bow? It takes great skill and practice to use one, not to mention great strength, when drawing the bowstring back. Also, the bow was in use long before the sword. Perhaps, we should give Arwen a spear instead. I wonder how Arwen was able to master the art of the bow or the skills of the sword, when it takes many years of training and practice to become an expert with such weapons? Maybe, she did this in secret, away from her over-protective and ever watchful father. Ahhh...the rebel elf-girl, instead of practicing her needlepoint and composing poetry, she was skipping her elf-maiden lessons in favor of honing her battle-skills (just in case they ever were needed). At least Eowyn was properly trained in the arts of weaponry, it is, afterall, her birthright. But, hey, we are jumping the gun! Who says that Arwen is going to actually be in the fellowship? Perhaps she tracks Aragorn down at the castle of Rohan, where she stays on as a revered guest of honor and befriends Eowyn.

Also, I am not familiar with all manners of mythology, because it is not my area of expertise, perhaps, you can give me some examples of these "bloody goddesses" that you were referring to, so that I might go look them up in the library and learn more about these cultures. Maybe, I can use some of these ideas in the next series of comicbooks that I am currently penciling.