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November 17, 2000

Another Article About Legolas
Marta A.

I've said in September that Orlando Bloom can't play the role of Legolas because he doesn't look like. But I have read Cicily T. answer to Max B. and I'm agree with her: Legolas is very important in the film,and I can't understand why thay boy has said that, so I tell you, Max B. that you're crazy, and I think that all Legolas' fans are ok with me. I have also read Ben's opinion about Legolas in his messagge "Bombadil and Legolas". He says that Legolas isn't the elf that appears in the trailer but I think is really him, because is Orlando Bloom but I think like you,Ben that this guy do things Legolas has never done. I'm not agree with Peter Jackson and I'm still thinking that Legolas must be Julian Sands.

I also want to say that Aragorn hasn't got beard and he has a green cover and Boromir is dark haired, not blond. If something isn't clear, I'm sorry, but my language isn't english. Thanks for all.