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December 1, 2000

Regarding Glorfindel
Matthew M.

Why send Glorfindel in search of four hobbits instead of Arwen Evenstar? T'is a question of story versus character qualification. Why did Tolkien send Glorfindel?

Gandalf sent Aragorn "a man who knows our business and will help you" to guide the hobbits to Rivendel. Elrond knew the company of the ring was to head toward Rivendell. Elron and Arwen had no idea if Aragor had accompanied the fellowship. Who should Elrond send to search for the fellowship?

The only reason Arwen has in finding the company of the ring is to find her love Aragorn. Arwen hs no qualification to fight the nine riders.

Glorfindel on the other hand is a noble of the house of Finarphir and one of Elrond's counsellors. Glorfindel fought at the fall of Gondolin and opposed the Witch king of Angmar.

In my opinion Glorfindel is the one to send to search for the fellowship of the ring.