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December 2, 2000

Oliphaunt & Arwen
David K.

I would just like to point out the obvious.

The new picture of the dead Oliphaunt is a picture of the same "prop" as the previous picture of the "Dead Nazgul Beast." This should lay to rest the argument about what was pictured in the earlier photo. I always did think it was a dead Oliphaunt and we were seeing its hind legs crossed over each other and the remains of something strapped to its back (someone else thought these were wings). The new photo shows this pretty clearly.

On the "Arwen" topic...Why do people persist in asking "Is Arwen replacing character X from the Fellowship?" (And most people assume X is Legolas.) It is abundantly clear from the casting, and the discussion from the actors that the Fellowship in the movie is as described in the books, and most certainly Legolas is there. It has also been very clearly stated by those involved that Arwen is not being turned into a "Warrior Princess." Miranda Otto (Eowyn) makes it clear that it is she and not Arwen that faces down the Nazgul King. Yes, Arwen's role is expanded. Yes, she is definitely replacing Glorfindel, and maybe one of her brothers. I'll go back to a suggestion I made many months ago in this forum. Arwen probably will ride to Rohan with the Grey Company. The Grey Company may arrive in time to battle at Helm's Deep (instead of just after that battle). Aragorn will probably have Arwen wait in Rohan. Eowyn (trying to impress Aragorn) rides into battle. This scenario does not radically change any characters or the story line. It does put more emphasis on the Aragorn & Arwen romance. It also provides a chance to explain Eowyn's character and motivation in a quick, movie-friendly (since this is a movie) way. I would say that all of the evidence we have (and we don't have a lot), including the fact that Arwen apparently befriends a woman in Rohan, points to these (or very similar) changes to the story, but points away from more radical notions that people fear.

I guess I have to wait at least two years to find out how "Two Towers" ends and a third year for "Return of the King" to know if I have pieced the clues together correctly. Anyone agree or disagree with my conclusions?