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December 3, 2000

The Orcs Look Like Dark Elves, Not Orcs!
Neal C.

I am impressed with everything so far, and as a Tolkien fan, and a fan of fantasy liturature, I have only two problems with what I've seen. First and foremost, the orcs I have seen in your images look nothing like I or most of my friends envision orcs looking like. Orcs should be green, yours are a deathlike grey. Orcs should be muscular and hulking, yours seem thin and humanlike. Orcs should have thick lower jaws and sloped, neanderthal like foreheads. Your Orcs look basically like dark-elves of classical D&D fantasy.  They have pointy chins and large heads with long, pointed ears. Of course I am merely relying on what I've seen in the pictures, maybe you do have other Orcs in the movie who are more Orc-like. I hope so. Secondly, the hobbits don't appear to be small enough. According to Tolkiens books, hobbits are quite small.  Sam is small enough for Gandalf to easily pick up with both hands, as he does in the books. I sure hope that the Hobbits are made Hobbit size, and not merely dwarf-size.