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December 4, 2000

Response to David K. -- Mate, You're Brilliant!
Mark S.

Regarding David K's suggestion of enhancing Arwen's role without compromising the significance of the character... brilliant! Mate, you should be writing film scripts! And if Peter Jackson hasn't "borrowed" your idea then he should. Like millions of other LOTR fans, I've been very dismayed at the idea of Arwen being 'Xena-ised". Of course, I've not let rumours get to me... but then, we all know how movie makers can really screw up, don't we? Your suggestion resolves plenty of problems. It also allows for a new development - a friendship between Eowyn and Arwen which actually adds to the saga, I feel. My last worry now is that shot of Arwen on a horse with a hobbit in tow... perilously close to Dernhelm (who should be Eowyn) riding to the Pelennor Fields. Hmm... maybe Jackson changed his mind... maybe the shot is for something else... Comments, anyone?