The LOTR Movie Site
December 5, 2000

In Response to Neal C.
Jared P.

Today I was wandering around through all the LOTR websites out there, and came to check on the debates posted on this site. I found it hilarious when I read Neal C.'s comments about orcs looking like dark elves. Anyone who has read Tolkien's Middle-earth related books know that the orcs in LOTR are elves who were captured and twisted by Morgoth. That explains the elvish look to Peter Jackson's orcs. Also the description of orcs that Neal gave had an uncanny resemblance to Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft orcs. Thirdly, D&D was created a few decades after Middle-earth, so any species resemblance would not be D&D originated. Finally, hobbits are described as half the size of humans. Reports have said that the hobbits are around 2 feet and half feet tall in the movies. This seems to be about half the height of a normal human to me. Just thought I'd take a few moments to relate to you my thoughts. Ahhhhhh... it's going to be a long year of waiting.