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December 5, 2000

D&D vs. Tolkien Orcs
Eynon P.

In response to Neal C. and his ideas of what Orcs should or should not look like. You say the preview pics look more like D&D Dark Elves, not Orcs. I agree, they don`t look like D&D Orcs but they do look like Tolkien Orcs. Nowhere does Tolkien say Orcs have green skin, I seem to remember them being described as swarthy with sallow skin. Now I`m not sure exactly what that means but I think It`s palish grey, definitely not green. And while the Uraks were mansize and well built, average orcs were smaller, bent and probably on the skinny side, (malnourished probably). Indeed some say that Orcs were once elves, who had been twisted and perverted my the Dark Lord long ago.

Also, Hobbits. They are dwarf size, between 2 and 4 feet tall. Remember Bilbo looked a bit like a Dwarf, only beardless, and Frodo and Sam get mistaken for Orcs on their way to Mount Doom. I`m sure Gandalf would be capable of picking up many people with two hands.