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December 6, 2000

Orcs Look Fine
Robert D.

I am responding about Neal C.'s December 3 criticism of Jackson's Orcs. I think he did a good job with them, from what I have seen. There are several points you have to remember.

1. Origionally, Orcs were Elves twisted and perverted by Melkor.
2. They were described as having like skin resembling burnt wood; basically black.
3. They are said to have arms which are as strong as that of an ape, and squat and bow-legged, not massive brutes.
4. The Uruk Hai were said to be closer to that description, but even then, only close to a man's height, suggesting that regular Orcs would be slender and man like.
5. And last of all, since they were once Elves, long ago, they would probably have some of their slender traits.