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December 11, 2000

Trailer = Spoiler?

honestly, i do not know if i should be looking  forward to the release of the LotR trailer. am i crazy?? no, i don't think so. but let me tell u about what happened when i saw the movie "Gladiator". I was really looking forward to it, so i watched the preview twice and i was very excited to see the "making of" on TV. but then, when i finally came around to see it in the movie theatre, i was pretty disappointed. it wasn't because the movie was bad, though, it was because i had already seen all of the stunning sfx scenes! the movie was pretty much spoiled for me. and that sucked.

this is why i am hesitating to go see the trailer (once it's out), because i certainley don't want to spoil LotR! This is especially a problem with LotR because we all already know the story. so if we have also seen a lot of the "visual art" beforehand,there won't be much excitement in the movie.

now what do you guys think?