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December 12, 2000

Orcs, Arwen and Wizard Kabob
John R.

(1) Orcs: They came in many different sizes and shapes. Sub-species appear to have included goblins and imps, and others. The Uruks were the biggest and most man-like, and likely were bred by Sauron and/or Morgoth.

I suspect that "uruk" may simply be a translation of "orc", but in usage, it referred to the largest ones.

Saruman apparently cross-bred Uruks with men, developing the Uruk-Hai. The heavy armour we have seen in photographs may depict the Uruk-Hai, who are strong enough to wear plate and who might not mind the shield from the sun either. So, Jackson may give us a big mix of orcs.

(2) Arwen: Dropping the ineffectual Legolas and replacing him with a more PC and more commercially appealing Arwen is an option a filmmaker would need to consider seriously, at least if he wants the films to make money.

I disagree with the propositions that Arwen would never consider leaving home and that Elrond would be able to prevent her departure. The history of the First Age is repleat with disobedient elf-princesses leaving their fathers and usually getting into big trouble.

Given her impressive lineage, Arwen is likely more than just a pretty face.

However, I doubt that Jackson will include her in the Fellowship. More likely, Arwen will have an expanded role. My bet is that she will replace Glorfindel, and will be the one to locate the Fellowship as it nears Rivendell. Arwen can have a grand entrance, walking up to the campfire as Strider is telling the story of how Luthien and Beren met in the woods - just like he met Arwen.

Then Arwen will "escape" from Rivendell. Perhaps she casts a glamour of sorts to fool her father. Or, perhaps Elrond, being no fool, sends Elladan and Elrohir after Arwen to protect her.

Arwen catches up with Theoden et al. as they approach Helm's Deep, and Arwen and the Dunedain are in the Battle at Helm's Deep.

Arwen may then go to Edoras and meets Eowyn, who is depressed at being spurned by Aragorn as he rides off on the Paths of the Dead. Eowyn's hopes to attract Aragorn's attentions are dashed when she meets Arwen.

Arwen and Eowyn become friends. Arwen helps Eowyn with a glamour to escape Edoras and to appear as a Rider of Rohan.

Arwen stays behind in Edoras to take Eowyn's place.

The foregoing speculations would work for me. They are not totally inconsistent with Tolkien's vision, and help the films attract the substantial portion of the audience who want something more than swordplay.

(3) The Wizard Kabob. If the photograph of the upside down white wizard impaled on a spiked wheel is not a hoax, then it does make sense for it to be Saruman. Getting stabbed or throat-cut by Wormtounge is not a very dramatic end for the third movie. I suspect that the spiked wheel is part of Saruman's own machinery at the new mill on Bywater Pond: a fitting end for the bad guy.