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December 14, 2000

Images of Orcs
Big Mac

With all these essays flying around containing various opinions on what orcs should look like, I just thought I'd toss my own opinions in. One view that has been expressed quite a lot recently, and one that I'm firmly in support of, is that the films are simply going to be an interpretation of the books - there are literally millions of interpretations. One for each person who has ever read the books, as each person will visualise different parts of the story in different ways.

For example, the first time I read The Hobbit (or rather had it read TO me, as I was very young at the time), I saw the goblins as being large pumpkins with arms and legs - a consequence no doubt of the fact that I was about 3 years old. Now if Peter Jackson's goblins and orcs were to look like that, I'm sure many of you (including myself) would be most annoyed!

So let's not waste time complaining that the orcs don't look exactly like we imagined - I think PJ's doing a fine job (so far) and I'm confident I'll love the movies when I see them.

And whether that's because they're faithful representations of the books or just damn good films, I don't really care.