The LOTR Movie Site
December 16, 2000

Response to Disagreements
Matt A.

I have wrote to clear something up from my last article. What I was trying to say was that Jackson's orcs do not fit the descriptions Tolkien gave at all. They have grey skin, not charcoal-black and they have long, Rabbit-ears. People are saying that this is because they were Elves corrupted by Morgoth, but if anyone does recall, NOWHERE in Tolkien's books does it say that elves have pointy ears. I do NOT agree with WarCraft orcs to be the same as Tolkien's, because they are practically green cavemen. All I am saying is that the orcs in the trailer are not anywhere near what Tolkien wrote the orcs to look like.

In the Trailer, in the front view scene zooming in on an orc, you will see that this orc has a small round head, huge eyes, grey skin and rabbit-like ears. Even Bakshi's orcs look more like Tolkien orcs than this.