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December 17, 2000

The Current Voting Booth Question
Brian K.

Now really. Think about this long and very hard. Go look at The Silmarillion. See those last 30 pages or so that deals with the entire third age encompassing The Lord of the Rings? Now, compare this tiny area with the actual thickness of a complete version of LOTR and realize that this condensed version here is being made into 3 seperate films. So suggesting a film version of the silmarillion is a somewhat ridiculous idea.

HOWEVER, i think it would be an incredibly good idea if the seperate chapters in the silmarillion were adapted for say, an hour long film or animation each, as the writing style would seem to require its needing room to breathe. The tale of beren and luthien alone could make a bloody good film in its own right, as could turin turumbar(have I spelt that right?), though i would reckon animation would suit these stories better. Any thoughts on this?