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December 23, 2000

Arwen: For Pity's Sake, WHY?
Martin S.

Please forgive me if I do not feel sufficiently knowledgeable (or interested) to discuss the latest nuances of feminism with Max B. I would just like to ask him one question regarding proposed changes to the role of Arwen: WHY DO IT?

The only legitimate argument that I might accept is one of financial pressure: the need to increase box office takings by attracting non-LOTR fans. However, such an argument makes no sense because:

1) your average punter will pay to see it because it will be a cracking action movie NOT because they are in search of PC female roles

2) the few individuals who DO seek a "Xena: Warrior Princess" version will be disappointed anyway since NONE of the central characters are female (unless there is a drastic - and tragic - rewrite)

The character of Arwen is therefore irrelevant to the film's financial success: it will succeed or fail without her. If this is the case, what merit is there in tinkering with the greatest ever work of fiction simply in the cause of being PC? For regardless of Max B's denials, this is surely all that the matter boils down to.

Modifying the role of Arwen therefore adds nothing to the story, will result in no financial benefits and will only serve to upset the vast majority of LOTR fans (as clearly shown on this website).

I find this constant onslaught of political correctness from our "liberal elite" deeply saddening.