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December 23, 2000

Don't Cut Bombadil
Lawrence T.

Editor's Note: Thanks, Lawrence, for actually formatting your article with correct capitalization and punctuation!! Other debate authors, please do likewise!

I think that cutting Tom Bombadil is going to subtract from the story line. If it was not for good old Tom, the dagger found in the Darrow mound which delivered a crucial blow to the Lord of the Nazgul, would never have seen the light of day. Not only that but the very soul of middle earth is found in Tom. He should be in the movie and I dare say the book should be followed closely, and the plot should not be changed one bit regardless of political correctness. This should be apparent to the producers, as the Tolkien books have sold so well over the years, and they were not re-written to appease someones idea of gender or political views. If the producers would only remain true to the plot and story line they will find they will have a much greater box office showing.