The LOTR Movie Site
December 24, 2000

Pipesmoking and Hobbits
Anthony B.

As you all may know Tolkien invested one his earthly pleasures of smoking a pipe into his characters, mainly the hobbits. As I wandered into my favorite tabac and pipeweed store here in the East Village of Manhattan I stumbled upon a magazine entitled 'Pipes and Tobacco", and who was the cover art and feature? None other than JRR Tolkien. I bought it and WOW!, it speaks of Tolkien and the ways he included pipe smoking in the Lord of the Rings and how they will incorporate it into the movies. It has pics of him smoking his pipe and insight into his favorite tobacco. For anyone interested in reading this magazine, you can find it in a tobacco store usually or online at
( they only have a synopsis of the article, though you can see the cover art which is a great depiction of this great man. I shall scan and upload the article for this site after the weekend for all to enjoy.