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December 27, 2000

Jackson's Interpretation & Silmarillion via Film?

One must take great pains to realise that there is not a single chance that we (all Tolkien fans) could possibly agree, even partially, on any particular rendering of the Lord of the Rings into film, or any other medium other than that in which they already have shape.

While Jackson's film is his interpretation, we (all Tolkien fans once more) are so excited that we (I don't think I need to use these pesky parantheses again...) are getting the chance to see this magnificent tale unfold before us, visually, that we want everything perfect, or near perfect. This is, of course, why there is so much argument over tiny detail, because our Tolkien ideals are all different--especially when it comes to small aspects of the books.

What one must realize that producing these films in any form is already impossible enough, let alone trying to please every single Tolkien Purist alive. One must also realize that the only way to truly get a 'pure' movie is to revive (resurrect, clone, etc) Tolkien and have him make it! Of course, that's nowhere near feasible--but neither is pleasing everyone. (Besides, we already know that he has Bakshi's Blunder to show him what NOT to do--at least take solace in that!)

Regarding The Silmarillion:

One would have to make at least 7 films. The first would have to cover everything from the Ainulindale to the Elves awakening at Cuivienen. A good other film would cover the time that the Elves spent in Aman, and their flight to Middle Earth. The Lay of Leithien (Beren and Luthien) would make another large movie, as well as Narn i Hin Hurin (The Tale of the Children of Hurin, mostly Turin Turambar's life.). I'm sure two more films would be neccessary to cover everything else up until the end of The Second Age.

Then another movie to cover the Akallabeth would have to be made--now you've got as many movies as there are books in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia!
I'm sure to go into real detail, probably three or more movies would have to be made in addition to the above, and that's not counting all the things that happen during these times that are not documented in The Silmarillion or The Lord of the Rings--and he must go back and make The Hobbit! And then there are all the OTHER things that Christopher Tolkien is gleaning from JRR's notebooks, etc...

(AHHH!!! Jackson would be older than Tolkien before he finished...)