The LOTR Movie Site
December 30, 2000

Arwen in the Fellowship
Greg S.

If she's there, it will be because of the money.

"Hollywood" doesn't think like us. Since Xena has been a $uccess, then
you can be sure Hollywood will be pushing to have a Xena-like character
in the LoTR Movie.

Story logic, biological facts, political correctness, feminisim, providing
positive role models for young girls, honoring the intent of the author, etc.
have nothing to do with what is put in a movie. What counts is what Hollywood
thinks the larger auidence (teenage boys mostly) thinks is hot or cool. And
most of the general auidence don't read, so they don't care how accurate the
movie is or isn't. Only whether it has neat special effects, babes, and kung fu.

True, some fans will be put off and refuse to see the movie. But not enough
as to have a real impact on the bottom line. Besides there are probably not
enough of us to make this this film profitable b ourselves. It has to get the
non-fan to see it for that.

Final thought: I doubt Jackson did this project to lose money. If he believes
Arwen in the fellowship will sell just one more ticket, she'll be there.