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January 6, 2001

About Bombadil, the Barrow Wights...

I don't really see Bombadil as an important character and he was probably cut because the story could go on without him, sure this means no Barrow Downs or Numenorean swords, maybe in the movie the Hobbits got their blades from home, remember, I think it was in the Hobbit, but the Shire was once attacked by Goblins, so maybe theey got their swords from their, but it's not important, leave it alone.

Also, about Werewolf's opinion of Legolas, i have one point really, he at that point of the story had been constantly on the run for some time, having left Loren, travelled down river by canoe, run most of the way across Rohan and then traveled to Helm's Deep where I think that scene is from (judging from other similar clips), so he has probably not had a chance to wash up in weeks. But remember, it's only one clip, wait till the movie comes out.