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January 7, 2001

The Numenorean Blades
Tomas B.

I've been troubled by the fact that Tom Bombadil isn't going to appear in the films. Not so much of that I am particulary fond of Tom, but rather the implications that would have on certain elements in the story. For example the blades of Numenor. But now I think I have a solution as to how they get hold of the blades. They probably get hold of them on Weathertop. Weathertop is, as most of you know, the location where, the old Numenorean watchtower, Amon Sūl once stood. In fact the people who "rests in the barrows" are probably the same people that defended the watchtower against the forces of Angmar. Therefore it would be the only logical place where, other than the barrows, they could find old swords such as those.