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January 17, 2001

Response to Matthew M. -- Emotionality of LOTR
Mark S.

Don't worry, Matthew, Peter Jackson is a consumate film maker and you won't be emotionally let down!

The trailer alone is all the evidence I need of Jackson's vision - the eerie, stirring music matches the epic proportions of the cinematography, the elegance of the sets and appropriateness of character design.

The plot modifications (Arwen's expanded role, in particular) might be a little irksome to some - but I am pretty sure Jackson is fully aware of LOTR fans' sensitivity to fiddling with the original, and that he'll blend changes into the plot very well.

Will there be any quotes that ring down the ages? [Ha ha... pun!] Yes... dozens! Jackson has the whole saga to exploit for quotable quotes.
Myself, I hope Jackson really pushes hard the "historical epic" mood/tone throughout. I want to leave the cinema hearing people arguing about the historical time-frame of LOTR... You know, things like "Well, I think all happened in the aftermath of the downfall of Atlantis - around 10,000 BC, somewhere there..." or "No way, man! The whole thing's just a story!" and "Nah... you're wrong!! Cultures all around the world have elves and stuff... the Lord Of The Rings thing must have some truth behind it all!"

Ah... the power of cinema! Don't you just love it!?

[P.S. All praise to Jackson for dumping Bombadil. Robin Williams or no... the character was put in by Tolkien just to please his daughter. Plot relevance? Zip!]