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January 17, 2001

Derrydoll, Merrydoll or Why I'm Glad
Bombadil Tom Isn't in the Films
Steve M.

Am I the only one to see the potential cringe factor of Tom if he were to appear in the films.

Yes he is an interesting character, providing many hours of debate as to his true nature, but do you think that people who have never read the books (they do exist) would come out discussing this?

I could picture it now as old man willow has 'captured' Merry & Pippin, the tension mounts, then out pops crazily dressed Tom singing derrydoll,merrydoll (the film then turns into a semi-musical for the next ten minutes) friends turn and stare at me as to why I brought them to see this.

Let people 'discover' Tom through the books, after all this is an adaptation (a damn fine looking one at that).

As to the barrow wights - let them find another way to obtain the weapons, or deal with the wight.

I await your torrent of abuse.