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January 18, 2001

Heigh, Heigh, Ho, Ho, Bombadil Has Got to Go!
Mark S.

For those (apparantly legion) fans who decry the loss of Bombadil from Jackson's LOTR may I recommend they assuage their deep felt grief by an immersion into Enid Blyton's "Noddy in Toyland" books? Or perhaps a little bit of Harry Potter with all his cutesy 'whizz bang' magic will do?

I repeat - Tolkien put Bombadil into LOTR purely to entertain his little daughter. The man himself wasn't even sure where the book was going at the time he was writing Fellowship.  Why didn't the editor get rid of it? God only knows!! I would have!!

Let Tom entertain his friends (and spaced-out New Ager hippy-types!)in a spin-off movie by Sid and Marty Croft... or something worse.
All praise to Jackson for dropping the Bom!