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January 20, 2001

Whew! Arwen Pic Not as Bad as I Feared
Brian M.

When I first saw the new pic of Arwen with the cut, I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. "Maybe all that hemming and hawing we did with Max B. wasn't purely theoretical after all," I thought. A second look, though, made me feel a bit better.

The scene from which this pic springs is obviously the flight to the ford, where we already knew that Arwen would take Glorfindel's place. The Frodo doll is clearly visible in her lap. I would posit that this picture was taken on the other side of the ford, when she wheeled around to face the Nazgul, who were just about to be washed away by Gandalf and Elrond's flood. I would question the wisdom of the cut, but all in all, I would say this, in itself, is a far cry from the Xena incarnation so many of us fear.

Add that to the fact that the nine walkers appeared exactly as they should (a little too clean, but that's splitting hairs), and I can't see any reason why we should doubt that Arwen won't be altered as drastically as some might like.

Personally, I have no liking for the business of altering anything, but there are degrees to my disdain. If this is what it seems, it won't ruin the movie for me like Arwen, warrior princess would.