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January 21, 2001

Where Are You, Glorfindel?
Carol K.

I have been searching high and low for any mention of Glorfindel. does anyone out there have any idea whether he is in the picture or not?

The scene at the river crossing into Rivendell was an absolute turning point in the fellowship of the ring for me. It was my first introduction into the world of an elf-lord and his full revelation of what that can mean when they are angered. The entire scene is a kickoff for the action in the rest of the book.

Each character is lined up in his full glory and the positioning they maintain for the rest of the story. Even though his is a brief appearance in the "fellowship", Glorfindel is one of the key characters and I really hope they have not left him out. He is not as difficult to explain as Bombadil and would be a dramatic and moving piece of the movie.

Please respond if you have information on this for me.