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January 22, 2001

As for Arwen and the Last Tolkien Fans

I agree with Brian that the Arwen-Cut-Pic must be a shot from the scene at Elronds Ford. Furthermore, the wound on Arwens cheek doesn't look like a wound caused by a sword; it rather looks like a scratch from a branch that hit her during the scene where she tried to get away from the Ringwraiths. Remember the scene in the first teaser where she rode at high speed through a wood? Could well be...

And in response to Jeffs comment that we are the last true Tolkien-Fans: I read LOTR when I was about twelve. And I loved it, and I also had my personal Images in it. Then I made the mistake of viewing Bakshi's movie, and since then I don't get the picture of Boromir as a Barbarian with a beard down to his chest and a horned helmet out of my head -- not to mention these strange panties!

But when I saw Sean Bean as Boromir -- that was just great, he looked... fitting. Same with other characters -- especially Sam -- who now have a more believable look in my own imagination.

I consider myself a true Tolkien-Fan. Still I think that the Movies will rather contribute to our own imagination and let us see things we may have not even imagined before. Praise to PJ, for even if he has to alter parts of the story, others will gain so much, will become so lively, that I will hardly mourn any loss. For in my mind, the Story will never change.

And even now I long for the cold shiver I will get when seeing hordes of Orcs storming Helms Deep, when Theoden and Aragorn speak to their men to rally them on and when The Ring wil finally fall into the Fire...

I won't miss it for anything in the world.