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January 24, 2001

Who Will the Public Think LOTR's Main Character Is?
Mark S.

Got an interesting question for the people out there - Who do you think the public will feel is the main character in LOTR once they've seen the movie/s? There seems to be such little attention for Frod and Samwise and so much on Arwen (or is that just talk?) that I think the case has already been decided. Or has it?

One thing's for sure... the "favourite character" won't be that pathetic, irrelevant, spaced-out, wash-his-hands-clean-of-the-whole-thing, maia-gone-feral, Bombadil character! Way to go, Jackson, for getting rid of him. He would have been as stupidly annoying as Jar Jar Binks!! 'How woo-ood! Hey Dol Derry Doh!" Durrhhh!!

Swords, schmords! Who cares where they got 'em from - and so what about the spooky dooky barrow downs!? They can pick up any old Numenorian sword leftover loot from anywhere... trollshaws, for example!
As for Glorfindel... Glorfindel who? Frankly I forgot about the character within pages of first hearing about him.

My worry is about the enigmatic, torn, valiant, noble, beautiful and courageous EOWYN!. There's your heroine, if you want one! Desperate in her forlorn hopeless love, frustrated from years of enforced impotence, inherently noble... and not without a sensitive, tender gentle nature when given the chance to let her sweetness show. Ahh... what a woman!
"Lucky Faramir", is all I can say!

Let's hope Jackson does her justice. If he has Arwen killing the Nazgul I'll make a voodoo doll of him and stick things in where they'll hurt the most!!