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January 27, 2001

Further Predictions
David K.

Last year I speculated (and a few weeks ago I made it a prediction) that Arwen would arrive in Rohan with the Grey Company, the Grey Company may arrive in time to help at Helm's Deep, and then Arwen would remain in Rohan until the end of the war. I would like to further qualify my prediction. I now believe that the Grey Company will in fact arrive during the Helm's Deep. Specifically, I believe that this is the army that Gandalf will lead into battle in the morning.

See, instead of riding off to gather the remnants of a Rohan army defeated at the Fords, Gandalf rides off, meets the Grey Company, and brings them to Helms Deep. You could still mention that the army was defeated at the Fords, maybe mention that they have retreated to Helm's Deep or something. Such a modification would simplify the process of three different groups of people meeting in more or less the same place on three different days. I'm not saying it would be better than the story in the book, but it might work better in a movie format and time constraints.

I have no knowledge that this is what happens. I am simply trying to piece together the clues we have into a modified story line that is simplified for a movie, but still remains true to the heart and intent of the novel. What do other people think?